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LLP “Comprehensive Expertise Company” provides a range of services that include:
Technical audit

Technical audit allows to get a holistic view of the enterprise potential and current state, it gives great opportunities for the own strategy development to get revenue from the possible innovative activities implementation;

Property valuation

One of the special areas of our activity is the professional services provision in the field of property valuation: business, real estate, movable property, damage assessment. Experience in the field of any kind of property valuation allows us to guarantee the most objective reflection of all factors influencing market value, most effectively use all the object’s characteristics, which significantly affect the result in the evaluation for various purposes (license for property valuation No. 17014421 dated by August 16, 2017, for the right to perform property valuation, except the intellectual property objects, intangible assets value);

Energy audit

Energy audits allows you to investigate production and engineering systems to assess the current state, to identify reserves to improve efficiency, to estimate future costs for repair cycles, modernization, energy costs and energy-saving systems introduction;

Industrial safety expertise

Industrial safety Examination of buildings and structures allows to determine the conformity of buildings, structures and building structures at a hazardous production facility intended for technological processes, raw materials/products storage, people and goods movement, localization and elimination of accident consequences to safety standards and regulations, as well as the security level (industrial safety certificate No. KZ10VEK00007245 dated by 02.11.2017, for the right to conduct work in the field of industrial safety at hazardous production facilities in the mining, metallurgical, power, mechanical engineering and construction industries, as well as at boiler houses, gas facilities and lifting facilities, motor transport enterprises)

Buildings and structures inspection

Buildings and structures inspection is carried out on the basis of СН РК 1.04-04-2002 Technical condition of buildings and structures inspection and assessment, РДС РК 1.04-07-7-2002 “Rules for assessing the buildings and structures physical wear and tear”, СНиП 3.03.01-87 Bearing and enclosing structures, СП РК 1.04-101-2012 Technical condition of buildings and structures inspection and assessment (accreditation certificate No. 00178 dated by 02.11.2017, for the right to carry out expert works on buildings and structures technical inspection of reliability and stability on technical and technological layer of the first and the second level of responsibility)

Испытательная лаборатория неразрушающего контроля и строительного мониторинга

Испытательная лаборатория неразрушающего контроля и строительного мониторинга предоставляет услуги  по испытаниям строительных материалов и изделий,проведение контроля оборудования и материалов неразрушающими методами при изготовлении, монтаже, ремонте, реконструкции, техническом диагностировании, рентгенографический контроль (лицензия №18020937 от 19.11.18)

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